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Sha Safina


Sha Safina has led SSGE Builders & Land Developers as its Founder since Its Inception and has been actively involved in the creation and expansion of the SSGE Group Sha Safina has been instrumental in establishing SSGE Group as a global player in Business of Constructions & Land Developing, SSGE Group, It takes immense courage and self belief to paint a larger than life canvas of success. But for Mrs. Sha Safina that's a way of life.

Sha Mohammed Faizal


Sha Mohammed Faizal, Basically People call Him Sultan, the Proprietor of the SSGE Builders & Land Developers, is among the leading lights in Constructions, A self-made man, Sultan has consistently demonstrated his ability to identify in business Growth and lead them on the path to success. is one of the key architects of the SSGE Group. Under his leadership, SSGE has scaled newer heights in the field of Constructions & Land Developing,