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The committed members of Team SSGE share the common mission and are determined to:-

SSGE specialize in any specific type of work?

Yes, SSGE specializes in several civil engineering disciplines including:
General Contracting
Residential Buildings & Villas
Commercial Buildings
Industrial Buildings
Government Buildings
Academic & Educational Buildings
Services & Maintenances

What makes SSGE different from other companies?

SSGE stands out above the crowd due to our ability to work closely with our clients and offer innovative and cost effective solutions to engineering challenges. We consistently deliver projects on time and on budget and we are an industry leader with our occupational health and safety program. The combination of these elements has allowed SSGE to enter into long-term partnerships with its clients.

Is SSGE a reputable firm?

SSGE has been in existence since 2011, making it one of the construction company's in the Country. Our longevity can only be achieved by having a reputation that is second to none. Consistency in providing clients with value, innovative solutions and dependability is what has given SSGE Builders & Land Developers Maintenances & Services the positive reputation of being an industry leader for over 2 & Half years

Where do you do work?

SSGE works on projects throughout India projects are running at i.e. Chintamani Taluk, Kaglipura, Btm 1st Stg, K H Layout.

How large is SSGE?

SSGE consist of Labor work force, Executive and Office Staff, Project Management & Supervision Team. Environment, Safety and Health

Does SSGE safety program comply with current industry standards?

When it comes to health and safety, SSGE believes in more than just complying with industry standards. At SSGE our Environment, Safety and Health Program is designed to exceed industry standards, legislative requirements and client demands.

How does SSGE minimize potential risk in the workplace?

By adopting a stringent approach to the Internal Responsibility System, employees of SSGE Builders & Land Developers Maintenances & Services know and understand their roles and responsibilities to ensure not only their own health and safety but to also protect their co-workers, the public and the environment from accidental harm. Through comprehensive training, effective two-way communications and strict accountability, employees appreciate. the company philosophy that safety is more than a priority, it is a value.


Does the company have a Quality Assurance / Quality Control Program? Yes SSGE has developed, implemented and maintains a Quality Assurance / Control program standards.

What is SSGE most important resource?

Quite simply - our employees. The SSGE team is what has allowed us to stay in business since 2011. Current Projects

What type of projects is SSGE currently working on?

SSGE is always actively working on a wide variety of projects. Please visit the Projects section of our website to learn more about our projects and joint ventures.

Can SSGE suggest options and possible savings?

Yes, because of our experience in the field we have that ability and we know whom to contact for information on materials, subcontractors, details, etc.

Is SSGE available to bid on any other projects?

SSGE is always available to bid on a project for which they are suited. Whether on their own as a General Contractor or as part of a joint venture, SSGE is always open for business.

If the customer is out of town, can another individual do the handover on their behalf?

Yes, but they will need a letter authorizing the handover.

Can a customer visit their property before handover? If so, what is the process? Will a representative from SSGE accompany the customer?

Yes. A customer can view the property before handover by making an appointment with the project team. A Representative from SSGE will accompany the visit.

How will water and electricity connections be provided to the property?

Utilities will be connected prior to the handover of the property. Customers will need to consult the service provider for the general administration work and fee deposit for the utilities.